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Creating QwilSign Templates

Qwilsign Templates enables you to reuse the same document and field placements for multiple signature requests. Simply upload your PDF, place the desired fields anywhere in your document, then save the file and reuse it each time you need to send a signature request in Qwil.
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Learn how to make a template:

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, the template can even be shared with another staff member over Qwil and be reused over and over again.

We only accept PDF to be uploaded for the creation of templates.

You can adjust the size of the Signature and Initials by increasing the box. Other field sizes will be optimized for your document automatically.

Just the Signer is required (for 1 signature).

You can add as many fields (and as many times) as you would like throughout the document.

No, once a template has been created, you cannot edit it anymore. Simply start from the original document to create a new template.
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